Things to Do and Places to Eat

We've lived in the DC metro area for awhile now and there are lots of things we like about it that we're excited to share with you. Below are some of the things we like most, and "what should we do and where should we eat?" is Rich's favorite game. Looking over everything, it kinda feels a little out of date, but we were more "with it" before three years ago. Check out the Wikivoyage article for tourism stuff (,_D.C.) and Eater DC ( for more food stuff.


Here are some places we like that fall under the heading "sightseeing:"

The most tourist-y:

Less tourist-y:


Oh man, we love food! Some of the very best and cheaper stuff is outside of the District, but not too far.

Near the Block Hotels

The Watergate

Washington Marriot Georgetown


Here are some bars of note.

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