Frequently Asked Questions about our daughter's name:


Q: Why "Sable?"

A: We were looking for a name that started with "S" and came across that, and liked it. We were looking for S to honor Rich's dad Steve.

Q: What does Sable mean?

A: There are a few different meanings of the word!

Q: How to do you pronounce it?

A: "Sable" (the name) rhymes with "table." "Sablé" the cookie is pronounced "sob-lay."


Q: What does "Dvash" mean?

A: Dvash means "honey" in Hebrew.

Q: Why Dvash?

A: Funny story -- we weren't really settled on a middle name when Lynn went into labor. During the pushing phase, our doula suggested Rich grab a couple honey packets for Lynn to eat between contractions (she hadn't eaten or slept in over 24 hours). Honey is one of Lynn's favorite foods and it really helped, and between contractions she started thinking about honey- and bee-derived names, like Beatrice. One of the nurses mentioned that bee in Hebrew is Devorah. We weren't into that name, but later we were talking about it trying to remember what the nurse said, we thought it was the Hebrew word for honey so we looked it up and there was Dvash.

Q: How do you pronounce it?

A: Kinda like "deh-vosh," and emphasis on the second syllable.

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