Covid Info

Update: It looks like Omicron is sticking around, but we’re still following it closely. Here is some information about celebrating as safely as practicable:

First, testing is an important part of gathering safely. We encourage everyone to take a rapid test as close to the celebration as possible. For us, we’re planning to test ourselves shortly before heading to the ceremony; we think it makes sense to check on our status just before gathering with everyone since right now we don’t plan to wear masks ourselves. We won’t be checking your result at the door, but we just ask folks to (reasonably) not attend if they unexpectedly test positive.

If you don’t have easy access to a free or low cost test yourself, we will have an ample supply and can provide you with one if you need it! We will bring some to the Friday event, provide some for those staying in either of the room blocks, and can also get one in your hands if you just tell us you would like one!

Second, we warmly encourage anyone who would feel more comfortable in a mask to wear one, though as of right now they will not be required per local regulations. We know many of our guests will prefer to wear a mask when not eating, so please know you won’t be the only one planning to wear one on the dance floor!

And finally, as a reminder we’re going to try to have as many elements outdoors as the weather allows! The Friday evening activity (optional! No obligation!) as well as the cocktail hour and Sunday breakfast will all be outdoors unless the weather prevents it. This means we do not plan to move these indoors for normal DC summer heat (only if it’s unsafe due to heat we would). The reception is also in a very large room with very high ceilings, so there’s lots of air to circulate throughout the space. FYI if you’re wondering, our guest count is around 110.

Please let us know if you have any questions – we’re doing our best to navigate this too. For us, this will be the first time in a long time we’re in a room with a large group of people so we hope to make the celebration as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for all of our guests.

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